Learn to prototype, free.

We want everyone to have access to great prototyping so we've created Atomic Free, our new free plan to help you get started. Level-up your prototyping at your own pace and in your own comfort zone for free.

Unlock your prototyping genius

Teach yourself how to master the Atomic platform with our free video courses and extensive support materials.

Make amazing prototypes

From simple transitions to fine-tuned animation, Atomic is suitable for every level of fidelity. Creating interactions and animations is intuitive and easy to learn.

How Atomic Free works

One active prototype. No time-limits. 100% free.

How to get Atomic free

When you create your Atomic account you’ll get an uncapped 30-day trial of the Team plan. At any time you can simply switch to the Atomic Free plan, which you can use for free as long as you like. To switch to the Free plan, or upgrade to a paid plan, first login then open the menu in the top-right of the hub and open the 'Team profile & billing' page.

Who is Atomic free for?

The Free plan is perfect if you're looking to learn the basics of prototyping. You might be a student just starting out, a designer looking to level-up your prototyping skills or a casual prototyper.

What's included with Atomic free

With Atomic free you’ll have access to all features, however be limited to one active prototype at a time. The good news is that your active prototype can have an unlimited amount of pages and reusable components. You’ll have no limits in the editor and can still use the Sketch plugin and native iOS app as much as you want.

What's an 'active' prototype?

Prototypes in Atomic are either active or archived. Active prototypes can be edited and easily shared using a simple URL. Archived prototypes can't be edited and share-links are disabled until you unarchive the prototype.

Is Atomic right for you?

We're more than happy to arrange an in-person demonstration of Atomic and talk through any questions you have.

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