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The free courses below are designed to get you started on the path to mastery in Atomic. You'll learn everything from the basics right through to advanced features. If you want to get to Jedi level, be sure to talk to us about our personalized training courses.

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Prototyping Fundamentals

In this course, attendees learn their way around Atomic and gain hands-on experience in the Atomic editor by performing the most common tasks. After attending this course, attendees will know how to make and share basic prototypes plus how to review prototypes made by others. They will return to their jobs with the knowledge, skills, and ability to apply the most often used Atomic features.

Lesson 1 — Duration 4:39

Reviewing Atomic prototypes

Lesson 2 — Duration 2:18

Atomic iOS App

Lesson 3 — Duration 5:05

Hub Basics

Lesson 4 — Duration 6:36

Editor Basics

Lesson 5 — Duration 12:35

Prototyping Basics

Lesson 6 — Duration 7:16

Importing Images

Lesson 7 — Duration 8:19

Atomic Sketch Plugin

Lesson 8 — Duration 4:48

Sharing your prototypes

Lesson 9 — Duration 3:34

Multi-player editing & collaboration

Lesson 10 — Duration 3:32

Duplicating prototypes

Intermediate Prototyping

In this course, attendees learn how to make larger and more realistic prototypes that improve the quality of reviewer feedback. After this course, attendees will confidently know how to incorporate scrolling and interactive form elements, how to use modular components and fine-tune motion using the timeline, and how to use actions to trigger transitions. This course builds on Prototyping Fundamentals.

Lesson 11 — Duration 3:46

Custom CSS

Lesson 12 — Duration 3:58


Lesson 13 — Duration 4:49

Input Fields

Lesson 14 — Duration 6:13

Static Components

Lesson 15 — Duration 10:21


Lesson 16 — Duration 4:53

Interactive Components

Lesson 17 — Duration 11:21

Page Actions

Lesson 18 — Duration 5:12

Advanced Motion Timeline

Lesson 19 — Duration 5:28

Component Interactions

Advanced Prototyping

In this course, attendees learn how to work with Atomic’s most advanced prototyping features to integrate real data into layouts, make more dynamic prototypes using variables and structure prototypes to improve modularity and reusability. This course builds on Intermediate Prototyping.

Lesson 20 — Duration 7:02

Intro to Data Sources

Lesson 21 — Duration 3:58

Advanced Data Sources

Lesson 22 — Duration 12:19

Intro to Variables

Practices Training

(Currently in private beta)

Our practices courses are designed to arm managers, and practice leads with knowledge, advice and action-frameworks to help them improve their team’s product design capability. The level one Essentials course is recommended for teams looking to embed prototyping as a core practice in their team. Levels two and three teach more advanced methods for improving the impact and effectiveness of design within the wider product team and organization.

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