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Introducing V2

V2 is all about speed, scale and visibility.

Today we're announcing V2, a collection of new features and best practices for prototyping at scale. It brings together some incredibly deep functionality we’ve been working on since day one. It provides powerful new practices to seamlessly integrate prototyping into your product development workflow.

The results are truly exciting: ultra fast, massively scalable, and fully collaborative prototyping that will supercharge your results. Atomic V2 changes everything.

New to Atomic? Read the story of why we’re building Atomic.

Available now


Package up common interactions into Components and use them throughout your team’s prototypes. Create once and everyone can use it anywhere.

Available now


Components and pages in a prototype can talk to each other and trigger events using Actions. Timers can also trigger transitions based on elapsed time.

Just shipped


Use editable input fields to test more realistic interactions. Control field type, default values, hint text and styles. Preserve input values throughout an entire prototype.

Just shipped

Pin Comments

Drop pins onto prototypes when commenting in Review mode to add valuable context. Coming soon: Smart comment editing, threading and advanced comment workflow.

Just shipped

iOS Atomic

Access all your prototypes in seconds. Beautiful full-screen review mode and quick access to recently viewed prototypes. No Atomic account required, great for user testing.

Coming soon


A better way to manage how your team access Atomic. Improved visibility of active projects within a team, so sharing and building team assets is even easier.

Coming soon

Atomic in Slack

Stream interesting Atomic notifications, get snapshots about recent activity and retrieve links to prototypes without leaving Slack.

Coming soon

Live Data

Pull data from Google Sheets or others sources into text and inputs. Sync changes back to sources to leverage functional logic outside Atomic.

Coming soon

Live Integrations

Take your prototypes out of Atomic, to push them further with your engineering team. Incorporate exported prototypes alongside other code for even more control when you need it.

Explore V2 Today

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