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Work your way up from a blank canvas, or pull in designs from Photoshop or Sketch.


Lay out your states and instantly animate between them, without coding a thing.


Share your prototypes with anyone or view on any device via a humble URL.

Experiment with mobile and web interactions.

Design in your browser, on Mac or PC, and view on any device

A streamlined workflow for product design.

Explore interactions

Design for any platform with interaction triggers and gestures such as swipe, hover, double tap and more.

Craft Motion

Create magical automatic transitions, then craft individual elements using the advanced motion timeline. Preview the results instantly and iterate quickly.

Preview on your device

Feel your prototypes in action on any device – simply grab the shareable link and add the design to your home screen.

See your history

Iterate fearlessly knowing you can easily rewind time. Slide back through your changes to create a new version from any point, or help others understand your design decisions.

Design collaboratively

Invite your team and change how you work together on the same projects and design files – think Google Docs for design.

Get instant feedback

Easily share your prototypes with a link, then gather timely feedback and comments, all in one place.

I love how quickly I can design an interface and automatically create intelligent animated transitions.

Charles Bitton
Head of Marketplace User Experience

Having prototyping that is so fast and easy changed my design process. I could experiment with more ideas, spot problems quickly, and ultimately produce better results, faster.

David Buck
Design Director

Really impressive approach to a currently siloed and broken model of interactive prototyping. I can think of a bunch of projects that I could have used this on that might have saved me days of work!

Vijay Prabhakar
Interaction Designer

Atomic allows me to explore and validate ideas quickly, and helps others to understand them more easily.

Ben Jennings
Product Designer

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